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Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspections

Over the years, we’ve received numerous calls from clients who recently purchased homes, only to discover unexpected plumbing & roofing issues. Many of these individuals had their properties inspected by general building inspectors tasked with assessing overall structural integrity and general concerns. However, it’s essential to note that hiring a builder to “inspect” your plumbing and roofing can be a common mistake. Plumbing is a specialised trade with intricate variables, and overlooking critical aspects during an inspection can lead to significant future problems. To avoid such risks, we recommend consulting our plumbing inspectors, equipped with the necessary expertise and tools to assess your plumbing thoroughly. Contact us today to schedule a plumbing inspection and gain the peace of mind you need before committing to such a significant investment.

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Manuel Kostandas
Manuel Kostandas
Josh and Matt did a fantastic job in repairing the roof and replacing some downpipes. They were courteous, prompt and professional in their work. I thoroughly recommend ADKO for the services that they provide.
Rachel Carides
Rachel Carides
Adam, Dean & Ben (together with their team) have been such a pleasure to deal with and assist us regarding a leaking roof that was causing me serious stress and anxiety. All the men were delightful to deal with and prior to the work commencing, came out and put up a tarp over our roof as it was leaking before work commenced which was just incredible. Very honest and upfront with their quote noting that they were most likely going to be more expensive but the quality of their work, their professionalism and prompt response and service is unmatched. The work was completely within a day by a decent sized group of men which was great. All rubbish was removed and my premises was cleaned before they left. Extremely pleased with their service and workmanship.
Amrish Chavda
Amrish Chavda
We had Jackson come over today. He was on time, professional and got the job done quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend Adko and the team.
Steven Milch
Steven Milch
Great work by the ADKO team. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
Lia Gunawan
Lia Gunawan
Very responsive, and very efficient. Very satisfied with service. I will be going back for bigger work that needs done later in the year. Highly recommended!
Peter Usher
Peter Usher
Great quality of work. They turned up when they stated and did a professional job and left it clean after they left. Thanks
Peter Neale
Peter Neale
Excellent customer service Adko went out their way to do a small job on our roof, promptly and efficiently. They were friendly and the work was excellent and the price was excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending them for any size job.
Mark Griffiths
Mark Griffiths
Very pleased , with Geoff and the tradesmen. Co-operative , guidance when requires, highly recommended.
Kim Moffatt
Kim Moffatt
I contacted ADKO via their website for roof repointing on my terracotta tile roof and received a phone call within the hour so impressed...., Bianca the office manager organised Sam to come out within two days to assess the the job and I received the quote on the same day which I accepted and within the next week the work was commenced and finished without fuss such seamless service. I found the two roofers Geoff and Damien amazing , they turned up on time via a text update both friendly and polite , they both worked tirelessly to complete the work and cleaned up JOB two tradies who knew what they were doing. I am so happy with the completed work and would highly recommend ADKO and will definitely use their services for future work. Kim
Carlos Mobellan
Carlos Mobellan
Daniel and the team at Adko provided a smooth,professional and stressfree response to our burst pipe and were available for post provision of services needs also, highly recommended
fixing a leaking shower

20Years of

A Pre Purchase Is Essential Before Buying A Home Or Investment Property

Making the decision to purchase a new home or investment property is a significant milestone, one that often comes with both excitement and a touch of apprehension. You’ve meticulously scoured the real estate listings, attended countless open houses, and finally, you’ve found the perfect property that aligns with your dreams and financial goals. But before you sign on the dotted line, there’s a crucial step that every savvy buyer should consider: a pre-purchase plumbing inspection.

While general building inspections are essential for assessing the overall condition of a property, they may not provide the comprehensive insight needed to identify potential plumbing issues. Plumbing is a specialized field with its own set of intricacies, and overlooking even minor problems during the buying process can lead to costly repairs down the road.

At ADKO Trade Services, our experienced plumbing inspectors bring a wealth of knowledge and a keen eye for plumbing details to each inspection. They meticulously examine every facet of the plumbing system, leaving no pipe, fixture, or drain unexamined. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the property’s plumbing condition, highlighting any existing or potential issues.

Why People Choose ADKO For Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspections In Sydney

Trusted by Sydney residents for our dedication, reliability, and proven results in plumbing services.

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What Our Pre Purchase Inspection Includes

camera inspection for a blocked drain
Our comprehensive plumbing inspection includes a meticulous CCTV camera inspection of all sewer and stormwater drainage lines. This high-tech approach allows us to identify any blockages or issues lurking beneath the surface.
toilet repairs
Our plumbing inspectors leave no tap, toilet, shower, kitchen, or laundry unexamined. We inspect all bathroom tapware, toilets, showers, kitchens, and laundries to ensure they are in optimal working condition.

Examination of Plumbing Fixtures
fixing a leak under the kitchen sink
We take water damage seriously. Our plumbing inspector investigates the entire house for signs of water damage and checks for any leaking pipes or waterproofing issues, particularly in bathroom areas where problems can often arise.
Water Damage Assessment
repairing eaves & fascia boards
Roofing, guttering, and downpipes play a crucial role in protecting your property. During our inspection, we conduct a meticulous assessment of these components to identify any potential issues.

Roofing and Gutter Inspection
preparing a hot water unit for install
Hot water is a necessity, and we ensure your hot water system is up to the task. Our inspectors run tests on your hot water system and all necessary valves to confirm they are functioning correctly.

Hot Water System Testing
tree roots blocking drain
Our inspection extends to potential stormwater issues that may not have been adequately addressed by the previous owner. We identify and report any areas of concern to ensure your property remains well-protected from water-related problems.

How To Arrange A Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspection

Get In Touch With Our Friendly Team
Reach out to ADKO to arrange a pre purchase plumbing inspection, and our team will promptly respond to your needs.
We Book In the Inspection
We book in the inspection at a time that suits your schedule and give you an upfront honest price.
Complete The Inspection
We complete the inspection and give you an in depth report on the plumbing in the home or business you are about to purchase

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What To Look Out For Before Purchasing

Identifying the right time for a pre-purchase plumbing inspection is crucial to making a well-informed decision when buying a property. Here are ten signs that indicate it’s time to schedule a pre-purchase plumbing inspection:

Age of the Property

If the property is older, plumbing systems may have aged and could be prone to issues.

Visible Leaks

Any visible water leaks or stains on walls, ceilings, or floors should raise a red flag.

Low Water Pressure

Inadequate water pressure can be a sign of hidden plumbing problems.

Rusty Water

Brown or discolored water can indicate corrosion or rust in the plumbing.

Unpleasant Odours

Foul odours coming from your drains or sewage system could indicate a blockage or problem that requires immediate plumbing intervention.

Water Discoloration

If your tap water is discolored, it may be a sign of rust or contaminants in your pipes, which a plumber can investigate and address.

Bubbling or Gurgling Sounds

Strange noises coming from your plumbing when you run water or flush could indicate air or pressure issues within the pipes.

We Have Completed Thousands Of Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspections in Sydney

At ADKO Trade Services, our extensive experience and commitment to excellence shine through in the thousands of pre-purchase plumbing inspections we’ve successfully completed across Sydney. With each inspection, we’ve provided invaluable insights and peace of mind to countless homebuyers and investors. Our dedicated team of plumbing experts meticulously examines every aspect of a property’s plumbing system, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of its condition before making one of life’s most significant investments. Trust ADKO for thorough, reliable, and professional pre-purchase plumbing inspections that put your interests first.

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